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Alchemy Awareness is the passion of Judy Anderson, Esoteric Healer and Intuitive Medium. It is her intention to share with you KNOWLEDGE of the MYSTERIES... helping you to see from a different level... creating AWARENESS, opening your Heart, EYES and Mind. Check back each day for the Card of the Day!

Friday, May 31, 2013


You Realize You Do Have A Choice. What Will It Be? You'll Never Know Unless You Do.

$10.00 For 2 Questions, Detailed.
$45.00 For A Truth Reading. May Help You With Blockages, Becoming Unstuck.

Healing, Can Be Done From A Distance.
$65.00 For An Hour
$85.00 For An Hour and A Half.

Bowing With The Deepest of Gratitude,

Thursday, May 30, 2013

For Sale Green and Purple Fluorite

AHHHHH, The Psychic Vacuum Cleaner. Place this Beauty in Work or Healing Area. As you can see, mostly Green with Violet running through.
Green Fluorite
Grounding, Absorbs Lower Vibrational Energies within The Environment and Brings Clarity.
Purple Fluorite
Works with The 3rd Eye, Helping You To Understand Psychic Communication.
This is just A Great Crystal To Have By Your Side.
Almost 6" High and Bottom is just over 3" Wide.
Bowing With The Deepest of Gratitude,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For Sale Beautiful Amethyst Sphere

If you are A Lover of Crystals, this Amethyst is Stunning.
Comes with The Wooden Stand you see.
 Amethyst does offer A Powerful Spiritual Protection. Helps with keeping Your Vibration at A Higher Level.
 Can help with Addictions, Sleep Disorders and Raising Your Mood.
Bowing With The Deepest of Gratitude,
Be Well.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Just Keep Moving Towards Your Goals, The Energy Will Shift

For Sale, From My Private Collection.

 This is A Lemurian Seed Crystal. It's 10" long and 3" wide. $285.00.
This Crystal has An Incredible Energy, Works with The Heart Center, Connecting On A Soul Level.
Thank You and Be Well.
Call Judy, 239-560-0946.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Abundance is always available to you. Just look around you without the lack attitude. Money is An Exchange of Energy.
Share with others, even if it is a Smile. Be Good To Yourself, Knowing How Blessed You Really Are.
Our Thoughts Can Be What We Attract. Please BE AWARE of what you are thinking throughout your day.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Being Aware

Kitty Girl
My Soulmate
Do any of you have a Pet that is very Special to you? Are you Aware that The Pet you are so close to can Reflect what is going on within your Environment or in Your Life ? They are also able to show you The Lesson you must Learn to Shift, to become unstuck. When The Lesson Is Learned, they are ready to leave us and you will have to do this, let them go. Easier said than done.
 This Special Girl was the Love of My Life.  I knew we had a connection, but didn't realize how deep it was.
We have been together since she was 4 weeks old. When she was a Baby I carried her in My Sons Baby Blankie, LOL. It really was a sight to see, I'd be in the Garden pulling weeds with my right hand and she'd lay like a baby in my left arm. Surprised she didn't have Asthma from The Smothering she received from me.
My Son and I would go to the Drive In on the weekends with our dinner in the cooler, a shoe box with Kitty Litter and a Baby Bag filled with the things I needed for her to be Healthy again while being away from the Home.
 She was so tiny, full of Fleas, fading on me several times and didn't go potty for  the first 4 days. She was just a tiny lil mess and I took her everywhere. She loved to ride in the car, never seen anything like her. Hard to explain, she was The Love of My Life.
 On the day these photos were taken, well, it was the worst day of my life and I have to tell you, I have experienced so much in my own life  I could write several books.
I knew she was ready to leave me on this day, she was done with me. I had let her down. She was Gifting me with A Lesson and it was over. As you can see, she looked so tired and just worn out. Being An Empath, I could not take it anymore. I played God. It was Awful! I had dealt with so many different emotions.
 Who was I to play God, I Considered Myself As One That Can Help With Healing, Why Couldn't I Fix This. The freakn questions! I even questioned my Spirituality.  With No Exaggeration, I wanted to lay down and die.
It's been a few months now and I just now can look at these photos without crying.
She started to be not well after a few months of being in a new relationship. I was not Home as much and honestly it was always her and I.
  I was so Happy coming Home to JUST The Girls. 2 Queen Kitties and An African Grey. Good Times, I tell you. The Energy was So Soft, Loving and Peaceful.
Then came Sage.
 There seem to be A Peeper hanging out in the yard. After I heard the lock on the front door being messed with, I decided to get A Dog. The last thing I wanted to do.
The Dog I chose was Pit Bull. When doing a Rescue I look for who is in need of a Home the most.  His name was Jeep.
 He was a mean looking fella, but he had The Eyes of An Angel. He wasn't the one I was Choosing, but I didn't like the feelings I was receiving while a group of young men were looking at him. Besides, it was also a great idea to have a scary looking Dog.
I took him Home and He Became Sage! He turned out to be a Wonderful Companion, but was A Bully. He so tried to take over and he was a pain in our butts.  My Queens could not stand him, but, he kept us safe.
Kitty Girl started to have Seizures, had Blood Work done and nothing. I knew something wasn't right. I felt it was her Thyroid, her Vet said no. I had these tests done over the next several years. She was fine, they say. I always asked her what she needed, I picked up nothing. Sometimes when we are so close we can't see.
 Several years later after moving in with The Relationship,  the Seizures became worse, I tried different Healing Modalities, Supplements and whatever else I found in my Research. NOTHING helped.
One night while sleeping I woke up because she was Screaming at me. I found her wrapped around the top of my head and she was screaming  IT'S MY THYROID! It was a horrible sound.
 I rushed her for Blood Work again, now it shows up. Just strange and I did not Trust what I was told, I already Knew this several years earlier.
Being who I Am, I felt like I so let her down. Our Pets ARE OUR Spiritual Teachers. She was Reflecting everything back to me. I wasn't paying Attention. I have also have had A Thyroid Challenge. Not a big deal, up and, over and under.
Louise . Hay writes that  Thyroid Issues come from about Humiliation. Examples would be When Will It Be My Turn, I never Get To Do What I Want To Do.  An Affirmation to say to yourself is I move beyond my limitations and allow myself to express freely and creatively.
 I Love and Trust this Lady, Louise L Hay. I feel there is Much Truth to Her Work. It Amazes Me.
I have always had issues with being able to Speak Up. When one decides to Swallow Emotions you can experience Consequences, causing Throat and Teeth Issues, Not Able To Experience Creativity.
Tonsillitis and Thyroid are about Frustrated Creativity!
It always been that way for me, I'm Now in my 50's and now I SPEAK. While being in A Relationship, I no longer allow ANYONE to Speak or Treat me with Disrespect. We must have Our Boundaries. I Stand Up for Myself and My Ground. We CAN do this from A Place of Love, we do not have to mistreat. A Healing takes place when you do this, for the other and yourself, Shifting The Energy.
 I know that The Art I have To Share With Others Is Important = My Creativity and I have every right to it.
 My Kitty Girl is gone from my Physical World. She is with me in Spirit. I see her a lot and I'm also able to receive Her Special Hugs, she used to share with me The Sweetest of Hugs.
On The Day I drove from the Vets, I needed to go to The Water while she was Passing Over.  I could not sit with her looking at The IV KNOWING. My Vet had given her an Injection that let her Sleep in Peace before the IV and I spent a very long time with her.
 Holding her like The Baby she was, Petting and Kissing her. Also I Thanked her from The Deepest part of My Soul for choosing me to share The Journey with. As she laid in my arms, I noticed Her Body had Shifted, she looked beyond Peaceful and become very Light. I even Smiled because she was looking like she did when she was Healthier. I left.
As I drove away in Tears, not knowing how I was even going to drive in this condition, I started talking to her. I talked to her about why I couldn't get it and All Those Questions I had.
I also knew that she was Deficient in something, her Body was missing That One Thing. I feel that that One Thing would have been Her Magic Pill. Again, I wasn't getting it.
Deep in thought I happen to notice a License Tag on an SUV, it read MEOWBOW.  No Biggie, I had noticed. Now I'm making a right turn to go to The Water. In front of me is another SUV, the Tag reads FISHOIL! I cannot believe this.
Why wasn't I shown this before? I probably was. Just too freakn busy Freaken Out in the Mundane. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION.
 Trust Yourself, Keep yourself Grounded. Clear and Balance Your Chakras, and don't forget Your Pets Chakras. Spend time in Meditation. Shield Yourself. I cannot Express enough of how Important it is to be with others of A Higher Vibration. Don't forget about Your Boundaries, coming from A Place of Love! Know When Another Is Slowing You Down.
So, I finally get to The Water. I noticed how strange The Rays of Light were coming through The Clouds. Something was really going on there. I took photos, look what shows up when I placed them on the Computer.

 You can see something Round, there are several  different  Energies floating above the Hood of the Car, on the bottom right. I have never seen anything like The Larger ones. Just Wild.

This is what was really there. You can actually see A Face.

Thank You for Being Here.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Message For Your Day

 I noticed this Beauty as I was Swimming today, STUCK in the Pool Cage. I always grab the Net and Release them back to The Outside. To me, this is The Right thing to do.
This one is staying too high for me to Help at the moment. I figure it will just leave and I will just open
the screen door later. I start to think about being imprisoned, trapped.
An hour has passed, my focus is now having Fun with the Dogs in the Pool. I swear I see him Fly Away Outside out of the corner of My Eye.
See, No Matter what The Situation Looks Like, There Is Always A Way OUT!
Always Come From Your Heart.
With The Deepest of Gratitude,