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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Message of The Day

Thinking of making a huge move, a big decision? The Cards are saying Just Do It! Do what you know in your Soul to be true. The Reading is a Confirmation.
Beaver says to be Productive. To just do it.
 The Black Panther says Follow Your Passion. This Reading is so simple.
The Snake says your a Healer. Snake is also about shedding old skin. Becoming a New You, Transformation. Whether you know it or not You Are A Healer, just smiling at someone is Healing. The Antelope is telling you to make a decision and take action. Just keep moving and trust your Intuition.
Monkey is telling us to Adapt to the situation we asked about and move on. Be innovative. Always be willing to shift and continue on.
The Whale is about Your Soul Path and Honoring It. What is it that you really want to be doing? What Gifts have you been Blessed with? How can you Guide with another's challenges? You can Step Up now, do not concern yourself with what will others think. You know Your Truth.
The Turtle about Retreating, I love this and feels so good. You could go and listen to the Birds in the Woods or to your most favorite place. You can go to the Ocean and stand, this is very Healing and Water can Amplify what you desire. or you can just lay down in some green, clean Grass. Lay there for 30 min., bath in White Light and just relax. Your Intuition will be speaking to you. This is where you can ask questions about situations and making your next move. Be patient and check in with yourself and the actions you have taken.
Notice the last card, The Raccoon is telling us, You have what you need. It's right in front of you. Please know that. Follow your Intuition. Ask yourself questions. Relax and Trust.
One day you can giggle about this, as you look back at the decisions you made and the action you took.
It can take you to Beautiful Places. = Healing. Will it be easy? I feel, it depends how we see it. I also feel, it will be worth it.
Enjoy A Productive Week My Friends!
As Always,
I Have The Deepest Gratitude For You and Your Journey. If I can help you with any Guidance you can contact me at any time.
With Much Love,

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