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Alchemy Awareness is the passion of Judy Anderson, Esoteric Healer and Intuitive Medium. It is her intention to share with you KNOWLEDGE of the MYSTERIES... helping you to see from a different level... creating AWARENESS, opening your Heart, EYES and Mind. Check back each day for the Card of the Day!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Love Spread

Your Intuition told you and you did know  better. The other fell off the Pedestal they were put upon and in a way has let you down. I ask you to stay Positive, Bless the other and Bless the situation and you can Peacefully move on. You were able to learn the Lesson, you really gained Knowledge from this and I ask you to remember this and not allow it to happen again.
I was shown to pull another card and look at what showed up. The Happiness Card, gotta love that.

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