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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Being Shown The Way

I Love, Love, Love watching Birds, when I see them I do ask them for The Message. They do have something that they want to share with us. Watch their Behavior, what is the bird doing, Hunting, Staying Low, Relaxing? What's the Environment like, Ruff, Calm or Windy? Mentally ask them what is it they are sharing with you. Your 1st thought was what? Trust it. Give Gratitude by Thanking them.
I pulled this Card and it tells me to make a Major Move. It's the answer to something I have been thinking a lot about. Nothing will change, continuing the same.
When something isn't working and you will know, that nothing else can be done with a situation we must Move On.
Will that move be easy? It will require work, and it also depends how we look at the situation.
Too Funny, as I was writing A Woodpecker just showed up. This Bird is moving up the Bird of Paradise drinking from each Flower.
As I watched Woodpecker I heard Drink From The Nectar of Life. Ted Andrews writes that when this bird shows up it's about A New Rhythm has shown up and is developing. I do feel a lot different today. Do you? We and situations have changed.
Also, indicating that the Foundation is there and now it's safe to follow our own Rhythms. Reflecting a need to Drum New Changes and Rhythms into our life. Well, interesting how The Woodpecker showed up while  I was working with The Migration Card. The Woodpecker is Unique, unlike other Birds.  I also feel that I am so very different from others.
 All of The Messages that have shown today are also about The New, New, New. This is also a time of Renewal.
Also very interesting and something I did not know is that The White Bird of Paradise is about Protection on our Spiritual Journey, with no distractions. I have them in all the areas where I work from. I read that this is exactly what all of us should be keeping outside our areas of Work and Worship.
At the time I designed the yard, I didn't know this. I just had to have them in certain places. Amazes me how situations work out. A few months ago I noticed how huge they are getting, in 4 years they have grown so much. Wondered if I had made a mistake placing them by the windows. I now know that the answer is NO. This also explains why I  see a massive White Figure of Mother Mary with her Hands open and facing the Window. She is without a doubt Holding The Energy. This Blessing, really beyond words! The Deepest of Gratitude washes thru me.  

As Always, Thank You For Being With Me!
May Peace and Awareness Be With You,

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