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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Golden Purifier = The Vulture

I noticed 3 Vultures flying towards the dock, this was unusual. Never see them back there. Of course, I had to take my pictures.
This guy was looking at a Stingray on the rocks.
Not sure how you feel about them, but when I experience The Vulture, I feel  something Wonderful just Shifted.
They are of Death and Rebirth, along with New Visions. Were you Aware that they prevent the spread of disease by limiting the bacteria to other animals with no resistance?
They keep The Environment in Balance!
They are Fascinating to watch, they are funny. The book from Ted Andrews reads, when they show up you will soon be noticed for what you do and not for how you appear. LOL!
The books also reads that The Vulture uses Thermals to see with, therefore you could soon start to see Auras and Colors around people and other things.
They are patient and can fly for hours without flapping their Wings, they do not use a lot of Energy. They use what is available, very interesting.
I feel they were showing me that all I have just gone through was necessary to bring me to the next Chapter. We do have to experience a death to make that comeback, it's just the way it is.
Hoping you always keep that in mind as you experience any Challenges, it is temporary. Just keep moving forward and work with what you can.
Also when they show up they may be showing you that your senses are becoming stronger. They have incredible eyesight and they have an incredible sense of smell, more of connecting with  Psychic Energies. Their Digestive System must be a special one to eat the way they do. Is your Digestion working properly, what are Swallowing that you shouldn't be? If you feel you can't express it write about.
I read it takes 3 months for their Babies to leave the nest, because of that the Challenge may take 3 months for it to be over and you begin again. Keep your Faith!
I feel when I find an animal that has passed on like the Stingray that they were after means that whatever Energy that the animals carries as a Messenger is no longer needed, a Shift. I always Bless them and send their Soul to The Light. Always give Gratitude for them, they had a Message for you. If found in the road, I safely remove them to a safer place so no other animals get hit as the Cycle can continue. No way could I just drive by them and leave them there.
I stop for every Turtle I see, no matter what the situation looks like. It can take them up to 3 days to pass on and you may be surprised what Wildlife Rescue can do for their Shells. They do the most Amazing work.
In my trunk you will find a Pet Carrier, Towels and Newspaper. If you find yourself doing this Please do so Safely!
The Stingrays Message is about moving with Grace and not feeling lost. Again the strong sense of smell comes up, just like The Vulture. They use theirs to find food in the sand.
Don't forget they have a Powerful Tail with a Stinger.

Again, Thank You for being with me and I Thank Ted Andrews for sharing his Knowledge.

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