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Friday, October 5, 2012

Sowelu, It Is Who You Already Are!

                                      The Sun's Energy       Life Force       Wholeness

This is The Path to THE LIGHT, to Wholeness and LIFE FORCE. This is a Powerful Rune.

It was interesting day today, turned down again for several jobs that I applied for. It seems wild to me that I have been turned down so many times. Something is up, this is not normal.
 I have always gotten any job that I have ever applied for. Just so frustrating.  I Am so freaking done with the fact that I have to make a move and the feeling of being stuck. Sooooo done with others in my life who seem to just forget about me, thinking I don't matter.
 And it really is okay, I get it! I truly do know in my Soul that something Amazing is about to happen. I Am right where I'm supposed to be.
 I must keep moving towards my goal, building Alchemy Awareness. It is obvious to me where I Am to be for the moment.
Soon, the store will have more interesting and unusual items and there is a lot info to share with you through my Blogs that will have you thinking about a different way to see a situation.
I Am very excited that I took those steps that have led me here and I Thank You for being with me. I have The Deepest of Gratitude for you.
Seeing The Runes today on the shelf, I wondered what the message would be.Very happy I did. I asked for a message and this is what I received, as usual, it was Perfect and something I needed reminding of.

I found out that this Rune is one of The Light, it's The Pathway Home. Even though I asked for a message, the meaning of this one is Yes. It's the Green Light and the call, is to go for it. Open yourself up, letting The Light into the part of you that you have kept hidden. This Rune, says it is time for regeneration on a cellular level.
There is A Prayer, known as Gayatri, it embodies The Spirit of this Rune.
 While reciting  The Prayer I did face The Sun and visualized The Rays entering my Heart Center and sharing it with The Universe. NIIICE!
The Prayer
You who are The Source of All Power,
Whose Rays Illuminate The World,
Illuminate also My Heart
So that I too can do Your Work.
I Love This, it's feels so right. I find it funny that I have had these Runes for years and never used them, maybe once.
I'd love to read about your experience after doing this.

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