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Monday, October 1, 2012

Snake Is The Keeper of Hidden Knowledge and The Guardian of Sacred Places

I have been Blessed with unique visits all month!
It has been from Centipedes being everywhere, Spiders that were Weaving their Webs, Butterflies that were drying their wings preparing for that 1st Real  Flight and now this lil Snake. All of this has been very Powerful.
Snake Medicine is of so much of what I Am experiencing at the moment. I know this is of another Message.
The Snake symbolizes Wisdom, Healing, Fertility, Awakening of Intuition and Unseen Creative Forces, Ability to change without resistance, Spiritual Training that has been hidden, Shedding old skin, Death with a Rebirth and Alchemy.
Because of small Eardrums they have tiny bones in their head that helps them to hear. They can sense and feel the tiniest of vibrations. They are great with traction and climbing. As I watched him, he was moving without any issues and quick as a whip. A very Peaceful Creature till Lady Russell came out.
The puppy was wanting to play. Snake became unhappy, vibrating his tail and ready to strike.
 When I first saw Snake, he was in the pool area trying to get out in a gentle way. I decided to Guide him along because I knew Lady Russell would be coming along soon and upsetting the situation.
I was scooting him on his way towards the door and Snake did not get upset at all, stayed very Sweet.
Honestly, if I had picked him up, all would have been very well.
The Snake is reflecting back to me all that is going on with my life right now. Building of Empire,
Releasing of old Beliefs, Come from Love, Stand Up for Myself along with all that I Am doing, Healing,  Expect fast changes, Act fast when the opportunity comes, Experiencing of New Schooling and Creativity.
Life really has changed this past week. I have been feeling it for several months, but now, it is in place and it is Strong. Along with all this I noticed my Senses and Knowing have changed, it feels different now, more Clarity. When I first saw Snake I noticed how he was trying to get out through the screen. Several thoughts came up.
 I have so had the feeling of living in a prison lately, I was feeling so freakn stuck and it was getting hard to live this way. I just have to keep moving towards my Goals. It doesn't matter what the Illusion looks like.
 As the snake was trying to get out, I thought to myself, the door is so opened and right there. HMMMM, very interesting, isn't it? As I Guided Snake I also felt Guidance. Thank You. I no longer have the imprisoned feeling. I feel very clear now.
For several nights during this Full Moon, my Dreams have been different, they had a very real feel. I very rarely remember any of them. When I do, it is a Healing, Message or Schooling. I have experienced Light Beings doing Massage or another form of Body Work. I can remember seeing Books from Ancient Times along with a Sentence or just one Word, never remembering what the Message was.
I have learned that the y's no longer matter. Just relax, the message will come when all is in place.
 I love The Messages shared by The Animal Kingdom. It's Wonderful resonating with what they reflect back to you. They may even show you your next move. There will always be something.

Enjoy Your Day My Friends.
With Deep Gratitude,

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