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Alchemy Awareness is the passion of Judy Anderson, Esoteric Healer and Intuitive Medium. It is her intention to share with you KNOWLEDGE of the MYSTERIES... helping you to see from a different level... creating AWARENESS, opening your Heart, EYES and Mind. Check back each day for the Card of the Day!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Victory and Success

 VICTORY COMES!  Great News is what you will be hearing. Has the road been a lil bumpy? You have made it through a challenge and now you can pat yourself on the back and repeat Thank You 3x. Stay Grounded and remember where you came from. You are showing others The Way by example. Use your way teach another. I Thank You for this! 
Do you desire Guidance with a question or a Crystal for a Situation? You can contact me at SoulSighs8@gmail.com. I Am sending out Waves of Peace to all of you. Please Stay Calm through these times.
Thank You for being with me,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just A Thought

Between the Politics and Hurricane Sandy I have seen and heard so much Anger. It saddens me, I've had to do a lot of walking away. What happened to coming from Love. Please send out Blessings of Peace when you see or hear anything other than. The above are Honey Calcite, perfect for the ease of Transformation. Hope you will take advantage of them as you go through any Shifting you may be experiencing at this time. Thank You!
I Love You,

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Message For Us.

WOW, came up again today. Thank You!  Teiwaz, Justice and Sacrifice. This is The Rune of The Warrior, this is on a Physical and A Spiritual Level. This has The Energy of Victory, Loyalty, Leadership and Dedication. Signifies Success and Achievement through an Accomplishment.
We are moving in the right direction! Our Spirit is in the drivers seat, enjoy your ride.

 If your interested in a Reading with The Runes contact me at SoulSighs8@gmail.com.
We can do a Reading of your Chakras, 4 Stones, Celtic Cross or Spiritual Understanding.
 With Much Gratitude, Judy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Right Direction

Your on the right Path. Your Soul is in the drivers seat. Continue what you are doing and The Blessings follow.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Message For The Day


 I just wanted to share with you of what I have been noticing a lot of at the moment.
Allowing someone to tell you what you can and cannot do. When you know a situation will be good for you and you let someone tell you NO you can't do it, you are giving away your Power.
Stand Up For Yourself, Do So With Love.
Teach this to your children.
Everyone has to know that they are Worthy, that they Deserve Respect and have Free Will.
Have Goals and Manifest them.
Deep Gratitude, Judy.

 If you have a desire for Guidance you can contact me at SoulSighs8@gmail.com.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

About Judy Anderson and Alchemy Awareness

These are just a few items in The Store of Alchemy Awareness. I have more Crystals, lots of Selenite. You will also find Meditations, Books, Antique Jade and Oracle Cards. If you are looking for something Special contact me, I may already have it.

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I Am Ordained as A Minister of The Ancient Ways. I have been Schooled in Medical Qigong Therapy, Shamanism, Reiki, Mediumship and Trance Healing.

I want you to know that Integrity and being Sacred are HUGE with me. Whatever you share with me is never to be discussed with anyone else. Any items I carry I Am very Passionate about because I know they can help. I use them myself and with my Pets.

If there is anything I can do for you my email is SoulSighs8@gmail.com.
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Healing Empath Judy Anderson or Alchemy Awareness.
I Have The Deepest Gratitude For You,


Monday, October 15, 2012

Give Because it's a Wonderful gesture

                                              He Who Gives Receives To Give Again

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Are you feeling a loss today? Honor it, cry it out and release it. It no longer serves you.
Know that there is Wisdom here for you. Spend time with yourself to Heal.
There can be so many reasons why this loss happened, only you know The Real Truth.
It may not feel like it now, but if and when you do Release, know that you WILL be okay. Releasing makes way for something better and you gain Enlightenment,
 this is what your Soul desires.
Remember all that is Positive in your life and have Gratitude, even for the loss which I see it as a GAIN.
Stay in your Power and Be True To You, Please Always Come From Love. It doesn't matter what they have done to you. Come from Your Soul Level. Accept it, Forgive and I always  Bless Them.
This helps you Heal and Move On to Happiness.

If you are having any challenges with this, contact me at SoulSighs8@gmail.com.
I Love You,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Alchemy Awareness: Sowelu, It Is Who You Already Are!

Alchemy Awareness: Sowelu, It Is Who You Already Are!:                                       The Sun's Energy       Life Force       Wholeness This is The Path to THE LIGHT, to Wh...

Sowelu, It Is Who You Already Are!

                                      The Sun's Energy       Life Force       Wholeness

This is The Path to THE LIGHT, to Wholeness and LIFE FORCE. This is a Powerful Rune.

It was interesting day today, turned down again for several jobs that I applied for. It seems wild to me that I have been turned down so many times. Something is up, this is not normal.
 I have always gotten any job that I have ever applied for. Just so frustrating.  I Am so freaking done with the fact that I have to make a move and the feeling of being stuck. Sooooo done with others in my life who seem to just forget about me, thinking I don't matter.
 And it really is okay, I get it! I truly do know in my Soul that something Amazing is about to happen. I Am right where I'm supposed to be.
 I must keep moving towards my goal, building Alchemy Awareness. It is obvious to me where I Am to be for the moment.
Soon, the store will have more interesting and unusual items and there is a lot info to share with you through my Blogs that will have you thinking about a different way to see a situation.
I Am very excited that I took those steps that have led me here and I Thank You for being with me. I have The Deepest of Gratitude for you.
Seeing The Runes today on the shelf, I wondered what the message would be.Very happy I did. I asked for a message and this is what I received, as usual, it was Perfect and something I needed reminding of.

I found out that this Rune is one of The Light, it's The Pathway Home. Even though I asked for a message, the meaning of this one is Yes. It's the Green Light and the call, is to go for it. Open yourself up, letting The Light into the part of you that you have kept hidden. This Rune, says it is time for regeneration on a cellular level.
There is A Prayer, known as Gayatri, it embodies The Spirit of this Rune.
 While reciting  The Prayer I did face The Sun and visualized The Rays entering my Heart Center and sharing it with The Universe. NIIICE!
The Prayer
You who are The Source of All Power,
Whose Rays Illuminate The World,
Illuminate also My Heart
So that I too can do Your Work.
I Love This, it's feels so right. I find it funny that I have had these Runes for years and never used them, maybe once.
I'd love to read about your experience after doing this.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

                The time of Change is here. Enjoy your Flight. Stay Centered and Breath.
                                                      With Much Love,

Monday, October 1, 2012

Snake Is The Keeper of Hidden Knowledge and The Guardian of Sacred Places

I have been Blessed with unique visits all month!
It has been from Centipedes being everywhere, Spiders that were Weaving their Webs, Butterflies that were drying their wings preparing for that 1st Real  Flight and now this lil Snake. All of this has been very Powerful.
Snake Medicine is of so much of what I Am experiencing at the moment. I know this is of another Message.
The Snake symbolizes Wisdom, Healing, Fertility, Awakening of Intuition and Unseen Creative Forces, Ability to change without resistance, Spiritual Training that has been hidden, Shedding old skin, Death with a Rebirth and Alchemy.
Because of small Eardrums they have tiny bones in their head that helps them to hear. They can sense and feel the tiniest of vibrations. They are great with traction and climbing. As I watched him, he was moving without any issues and quick as a whip. A very Peaceful Creature till Lady Russell came out.
The puppy was wanting to play. Snake became unhappy, vibrating his tail and ready to strike.
 When I first saw Snake, he was in the pool area trying to get out in a gentle way. I decided to Guide him along because I knew Lady Russell would be coming along soon and upsetting the situation.
I was scooting him on his way towards the door and Snake did not get upset at all, stayed very Sweet.
Honestly, if I had picked him up, all would have been very well.
The Snake is reflecting back to me all that is going on with my life right now. Building of Empire,
Releasing of old Beliefs, Come from Love, Stand Up for Myself along with all that I Am doing, Healing,  Expect fast changes, Act fast when the opportunity comes, Experiencing of New Schooling and Creativity.
Life really has changed this past week. I have been feeling it for several months, but now, it is in place and it is Strong. Along with all this I noticed my Senses and Knowing have changed, it feels different now, more Clarity. When I first saw Snake I noticed how he was trying to get out through the screen. Several thoughts came up.
 I have so had the feeling of living in a prison lately, I was feeling so freakn stuck and it was getting hard to live this way. I just have to keep moving towards my Goals. It doesn't matter what the Illusion looks like.
 As the snake was trying to get out, I thought to myself, the door is so opened and right there. HMMMM, very interesting, isn't it? As I Guided Snake I also felt Guidance. Thank You. I no longer have the imprisoned feeling. I feel very clear now.
For several nights during this Full Moon, my Dreams have been different, they had a very real feel. I very rarely remember any of them. When I do, it is a Healing, Message or Schooling. I have experienced Light Beings doing Massage or another form of Body Work. I can remember seeing Books from Ancient Times along with a Sentence or just one Word, never remembering what the Message was.
I have learned that the y's no longer matter. Just relax, the message will come when all is in place.
 I love The Messages shared by The Animal Kingdom. It's Wonderful resonating with what they reflect back to you. They may even show you your next move. There will always be something.

Enjoy Your Day My Friends.
With Deep Gratitude,