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Thursday, September 27, 2012

           Stand Your Ground # 7
  This message is that simple! This card will show up when something is trying you in some way. Please do stand up, face it and keep your Power.
Stay strong, it doesn't matter what the situation looks like. This is about staying true to you.
This is a Spirit Card, this is about your Spiritual Force, Passions, Principles, Goals and what you believe in.
This  is all about Your Spirituality,  Your Wisdom, Your  Insights and Your Successes.

I had only planned on pulling 1 card, but because Stand Your Ground showed up, I wanted to know more and I love what came up next.
                   Passion Ignited # 1
Again we have another Spirit Card. How perfect is this? It's a Beautiful Card, she is feeling her Bliss and she has The Flame in her Heart and Soul. She obviously stood her ground, respecting herself and her beliefs and this is where the Power took her. This is the Present Card, what is happening now.
It is a time for New Business, New Ideas, New Beliefs, New Successes, Listen to your Soul and follow.

                                      Prosperity Begins # 1

 Well, how much do you love this? This is The Future Card!
This is A Physical Card. This is a card of Prosperity, Finances, Security and New Business. Many Blessings! This is a Wonderful Reading. Stay Positive because all that you have done up this point will find you in An Amazing Space. Be very Proud of yourself. Because you lived Your Truth, Followed Your Intuition and Stayed Positive. Not only have you done well for yourself, you were able to show others what can happen for them also. You can show others the way, just by doing. Be The Leader and Stay Strong! Enjoy your New Successes. This is about Prosperity and Abundance in All Areas of Your Life!

Always Have Gratitude,

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