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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Hope Card

This card comes because we desire for you to keep The Faith. It is about Success, Healing, Faith, Hope, Aspirations and Enlightenment! In time the Wish you have been thinking of can come true. The Hope Card shows you that the impossible can happen. It's the power of belief. Believe it and live it.
Stay Positive, it doesn't matter what the illusion is showing you.
Be still and listen to your Soul, what do you hear? Trust in that, it is your intuition. Keep moving towards your Goals.
Stay Positive, knowing that Divine Timing is in the works. Since what we think of, we attract and you will see that others are drawn to your inner light. Your future is yours! You have the freedom to make choices. Always know that you deserve the best of everything and go after that. Please never settle because of fear of change or because it's easy.  You will be so Proud of yourself. You can show others that believing is the way to go, lead by example as they watch your successes. Your opportunity to Shine is here and you know it. Take it and Fly On My Friend.
I'd love to read about your Wish that came true from staying Positive and Believing.
Always Love Yourself, Knowing That You Deserve All of The Great In Your Life!
  In Doreen Virtues book Angels Numbers 101 the #17, which is on top of The Hope Card is of Optimism, Keep up with the Wonderful Affirmations, they will come true.
I Am Sending All of You Sweet Hugs,

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