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Alchemy Awareness is the passion of Judy Anderson, Esoteric Healer and Intuitive Medium. It is her intention to share with you KNOWLEDGE of the MYSTERIES... helping you to see from a different level... creating AWARENESS, opening your Heart, EYES and Mind. Check back each day for the Card of the Day!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

This is a great spread, all about Growth, Manifestation From Ideas, Fertility and Prosperity. I'd say, take your Bow. Your Creations are Manifesting now. Continue to nurture whatever you have sent out into The Universe and have Patience as you watch your Growth. Know that all you have gone through placed you here and there is The Light at the end of that tunnel. Have Faith, Stay Positive and Show Gratitude!
With Much Love,

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Stay Well.

Yesterdays Message

3 Days in a row, WOW. This is Huge! Own it, Know it and Live it! As you can see, something great has happened.
Stay Well My Friends,

Friday, September 28, 2012

Message of The Day

Well, here we go again. This card was pulled yesterday. Thank You Very Much, we will take it.
                                                        With Much Gratitude.
This card is a Physical Card. If you look at it you will see it's all about New Business, Spirituality, Love, Longevity, Your Soul, Abundance, Prosperity, The Fruits of Your Labor and New Beginnings.
A Gift can show up unexpectedly or this can be about the Seeds you have planted are ready, Blessing you with Success and Security. Stay Positive! Believe in yourself and all that you are doing right now.
All Is Very Well,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

           Stand Your Ground # 7
  This message is that simple! This card will show up when something is trying you in some way. Please do stand up, face it and keep your Power.
Stay strong, it doesn't matter what the situation looks like. This is about staying true to you.
This is a Spirit Card, this is about your Spiritual Force, Passions, Principles, Goals and what you believe in.
This  is all about Your Spirituality,  Your Wisdom, Your  Insights and Your Successes.

I had only planned on pulling 1 card, but because Stand Your Ground showed up, I wanted to know more and I love what came up next.
                   Passion Ignited # 1
Again we have another Spirit Card. How perfect is this? It's a Beautiful Card, she is feeling her Bliss and she has The Flame in her Heart and Soul. She obviously stood her ground, respecting herself and her beliefs and this is where the Power took her. This is the Present Card, what is happening now.
It is a time for New Business, New Ideas, New Beliefs, New Successes, Listen to your Soul and follow.

                                      Prosperity Begins # 1

 Well, how much do you love this? This is The Future Card!
This is A Physical Card. This is a card of Prosperity, Finances, Security and New Business. Many Blessings! This is a Wonderful Reading. Stay Positive because all that you have done up this point will find you in An Amazing Space. Be very Proud of yourself. Because you lived Your Truth, Followed Your Intuition and Stayed Positive. Not only have you done well for yourself, you were able to show others what can happen for them also. You can show others the way, just by doing. Be The Leader and Stay Strong! Enjoy your New Successes. This is about Prosperity and Abundance in All Areas of Your Life!

Always Have Gratitude,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spider Medicine

      LOL, NO FEAR    
This is a Cross Spider, she comes from a group of Orb Weavers. In some of the many pictures I took of her you can see a Golden Cross.
 She came to me on Sunday evening, several nights after The Blue Moon. The timing was Perfect, as we were putting the final touches on my passion, Alchemy Awareness.
I have to let you know, when I saw her she brought out the Fear in me. It was funny, I was truly Amazed when I saw this Web. I also knew that this was something to pay attention to. I had to get closer to take pictures, I must have taken a hundred of them. When the wind started blowing and her Web was being blown towards my face I was freaking out! I just had these visions of her jumping on me, me running around the yard screaming, GET IT OFF! It's a funny vision. This Spider is INTENSE, as you can see, she is BIG. After several minutes of facing my Shadow, I watched her and I heard her say, do not be afraid. I totally understood this.
 In the 2nd picture you can actually see a Heart in the center of her Web. This, to me is about Universal Love, Community and our connections. The next evening I watched her build the most incredible Bridge from the Orange Tree to the Fence, we are doing this right now. I feel, we as Healers are connecting on a more Profound level than ever, holding The Energy from different areas. There will be no feelings of Competition. We are all working together now on a much deeper level. I know that there  is another message coming about this that I have yet to see, knowing it shall show itself soon.
To The Native Americans, she is Grandmother Medicine, teaching us about the mysteries of the past and how it is affecting the future. At this moment, I can totally resonate with this. I recently just realized how I have had the same situation going on for a few years now. Funny, how you can be so busy that you don't sit still long enough to really think about certain situations.
 I found it very interesting that if anything gets caught in her Web that is inedible she releases it. How cool is that?  LOL, when I read that I thought, that's a True Lady. I Am at this moment releasing what I will no longer accept as I travel on this journey with my Soul.
 Her coming to me to share her Message is such a GIFT. I feel very Blessed as I received one confirmation after the other for all that I Am doing right now. This is really Powerful Medicine. I hope all of you will notice these Blessings when they appear for what they really are.
The Spider is an Ancient Symbol of The Mysterious, Power and Growth. She is The Creator, The Master Weaver, The Teacher of Ancient Wisdom. This comes from a book titled Animal Wise by Ted Andrews. Whenever something unusual happens with Nature, Animals or Insects I will run to my books. If you listen, you will Intuit the message, but I always want to go deeper and want to know more. I find the message will always resonate with what I Am experiencing at that moment. I also am of Esoteric Healing.
While Lady Spider was in the backyard Weaving her Web, I was in the home adding items to the store that is with the Website that I Am sharing with you, Alchemy Awareness. While the Spider and I were  building here, the Website Designer, Renee who lives in a different area was in her home putting the final touches together. Guess what the name of her company is? She Who Weaves The Web. Now, how is that for a message?
This goes beyond a confirmation and cannot get any better. I have waited so long for Alchemy Awareness to come together. It seemed like something was always trying to get in the way. Just working on the Website has been very Healing. I have known in my Soul that this is to be, it never entered my mind to question this. When you know something, you just know and it is never thought of in any other way. When I went back into the house I had tears in my eyes, knowing I had to e-mail Renee with the pictures and the experience. I knew this was a message for her as well as myself, and it was. She was impacted with the same feeling as I.
Lady Spider showed herself for 2 weeks, she is now Weaving with the Palm Trees in a totally different area. I loved watching her. The first morning after I met her I ran back to the yard, wondering what she was up to. I was so disappointed, she wasn't there and I wondered what the next message would be.
I heard she will be back tonight and there she was. She comes out just as the Sun goes down, she runs a Bridge and she connects with her silk. She does this in less than 3 hours every night. I can only imagine what she says to herself when sees me coming. Geeze, here she comes again with all that Light! LOL, I carried a Flashlight and the Camera, the Flashlight was so I didn't run into the Web that looked like it would stop a Horse.
I was really concerned about her eyes, they must be so fragile and here I Am with this bright Light I was very careful about shining the light only on the side of the Web. Later I read their eyesight is weak. They Feel their way through from Vibration. This is how I have decided to go through life now. I used to think my way through more than Feel. All of a sudden all that has changed. I ask myself questions, I get an answer, I do it and all is very well. I feel different now, like I Am a brand new person. I have shed my old skin.
I have made several changes to my own life lately, they are good changes. I decided to step away and look at what is going on around me. Releasing what I know I have to let go of and I know what has to be done. I speak up now, before I couldn't do that. I know that others are traveling on their own journey, at their own speed and when someone is not ready to Heal there isn't anything in the World that you can do to change that. Bless them and let it go and don't forget to cut those Cords.
This is a New Chapter for me and I'm living my Passion, this is Huge and I Am sharing with you.
Before Lady Spider came I experienced several Butterflies coming to the sitting area that I love to spend time in just being still and listening. On both occasions, they were in my chair slowly moving their Wings as if they were waving Hello. It was their first day out, they just released themselves, drying their Wings, ready for Flight and it was a brand new life. And so, here we are!
I Have The Deepest of Gratitude.
Thank You and Be Well,

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Hope Card

This card comes because we desire for you to keep The Faith. It is about Success, Healing, Faith, Hope, Aspirations and Enlightenment! In time the Wish you have been thinking of can come true. The Hope Card shows you that the impossible can happen. It's the power of belief. Believe it and live it.
Stay Positive, it doesn't matter what the illusion is showing you.
Be still and listen to your Soul, what do you hear? Trust in that, it is your intuition. Keep moving towards your Goals.
Stay Positive, knowing that Divine Timing is in the works. Since what we think of, we attract and you will see that others are drawn to your inner light. Your future is yours! You have the freedom to make choices. Always know that you deserve the best of everything and go after that. Please never settle because of fear of change or because it's easy.  You will be so Proud of yourself. You can show others that believing is the way to go, lead by example as they watch your successes. Your opportunity to Shine is here and you know it. Take it and Fly On My Friend.
I'd love to read about your Wish that came true from staying Positive and Believing.
Always Love Yourself, Knowing That You Deserve All of The Great In Your Life!
  In Doreen Virtues book Angels Numbers 101 the #17, which is on top of The Hope Card is of Optimism, Keep up with the Wonderful Affirmations, they will come true.
I Am Sending All of You Sweet Hugs,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012


 Firm Foundation
This is about building a solid foundation in your material world. It's of something you have already started or you are working on at this moment. Remember lessons learned and continuing using your good judgement concerning all financial matters.You have power now. Seek investment advice, stay true to yourself and stay in the flow by giving back.

Prosperity Begins
This is of new business, new beginnings prosperity or wealth. This card comes because you have earned it, you may even be receiving a gift. Your moneymaking ideas have been wise ones.

Material and Spiritual Prosperity
This would be a card of balance in both your Spiritual and Material life, this is very important. A sudden bonus can appear, it is of one you were not expecting.

This is such a simple Reading. Enjoy and continue on!