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Friday, August 31, 2012

Messages From Nature

This morning was so nice I decided to come out and have my cup of coffee by the pool in the new sitting area I created just yesterday. Before I even sat I noticed my 1st Gift of the day.
A Butterfly sitting on my chair. It was as if he was waving at me, slowly with his wings. That is how I see it, I also know he was drying his wings. Preparing for  his new life after leaving the cocoon for the first time. I thought this was really cool for me, considering all the movement I have going on in my life at the moment. The message the Butterfly was sharing with me, Brand New!
This is my life right now. New phone, new business, new attitude and new sitting area for creating new Magic. This was perfect! I even had a new shift Spiritually. This is also my first Blog and as I write this I Am sitting under The Blue Moon. The timing, couldn't be any better.
          So many childhood memories came rushing back to me because of this Butterfly. I remember finding cocoons on the fence and on branches and I would put them in a jar with holes in the lids.
 Well Hello   
I would collect grass, leaves and anything else that I thought would give the cocoon a special place to live until it was ready to leave. That's funny, I was such a weird kid. I loved anything to do with animals and nature, still do. The first time I watched one hatch, as I called it then, excited me so much.  I felt like a new Mommy watching my baby hatch, not wanting to leave me and then POOF, gone.  I was the luckiest kid on the earth. Loved to watch them dry their wings before take off. They do look like they are waving to you. Special moments!
        I Am asking all of you to notice the first insect, bird or animal you see when you go outside, they have a special message that is just for you. Notice what it is doing. Is it being still, eating, hunting or flying? Just be still and mentally ask. If you didn't hear the message we have amazing books on this subject. I love to journal about my experiences with Nature. LOL, I journal about everything!
 I want to Thank all of you for being with me and Renee for getting me started.
Enjoy Your Journey!
Big Hugs,
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